• Real Estate Doer x Joe Fairless Podcast: Interview on Multifamily Houses Investing

    Hi my fellow readers,

    If you are interested in investing cash flow properties, listen to this podcast where some of my real estate investing secrets are being shared.

    This podcast was done with Joe Fairless.

    Joe and I share the same vision: to share knowledge and help others to achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

    Joe is a successful entrepreneur who specializes in raising capital for various real estate projects.  He also has a resourceful, high traffic real estate website.  In there, he interviews many prominent real estate professionals.

    His past guests include the Rich Dad Poor Dad author (Robert Kiyosaki), a powerful real estate broker (Herman Chan), and a Chief Economist (Nela Richardson) and many more.


    Pictures from Joe Fairless’ website.

    This week, he interviewed me, Real Estate Doer, on his Best Ever Interview Series and we share our tips in investing multifamily houses.

    Check out our Real Estate Doer x Joe Fairless Interview.

    Some tips in the interview have never been shared elsewhere in my website (yet)!

    In this interview you will find out a bit more about my background as well as the strategies that help me succeed in real estate investing – It is all about the PEOPLE!


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