• How to Get Up Early Totally Refreshed (with no Coffee)

    Real Estate is a business for hard workers.  You spend lots of time locating deals, building systems, and making the right connections.

    Imagine you wake up early every day, always right before your alarm clock sounds.  You don’t have to drink any coffee, but feel totally pumped for the entire day.  How would you feel?

    This is my current sleeping pattern.  Perhaps the largest benefit of waking up early is that you can work without much distraction from others (maybe because there are very few people who wake up as early as I do).  Because of this, often I am able to achieve more in my first couple hours of the day than my entire day previously.

    Contrary to my college years, I used to wake up at 5 o’clock.  Not 5am, but 5pm.  Especially in the wintertime, I hardly saw any sunlight. By the time I woke up it would be pitch dark outside already.  On a few occasions that I needed to wake up early (e.g. a job interview), I would feel like a walking zombie.  Looking back, it was no surprise why a lot of such days were a blur to me.

    What causes my massive transformation?  Well, there is one special drug that very few people know about.  This drug is based on an ancient, almost forgotten, recipe, and for a limited time, it’s now available for three equality payments of $19.97…..

    Just Joking.

    You don’t need special drug.  You just need a plan.

    Don’t worry, this plan is completely free =).  I got this from a gentleman named Steve Pavlina, a super hard-working and highly successful entrepreneur.

    I tried his method myself and it works magically.  I started to see subtle changes within half a week. Within a week my sleeping habit has completely evolved to where I want to be (early riser who has no trouble sleeping at night).  Because this method is so effective, I would like to share with my fellow readers.


    How to Wake Up Early?

    Essentially, Steve’s method can be summarized step-by-step as below:


    1) Pick a wake-up time.

    The very first step that we are going to do is to pick a time that you want to wake up.  Will it be 6am? 7am?  It is entirely up to you.

    Personally, I like to pick a time where I leave at least a couple hours of uninterrupted time, where I get little distraction from other people.  As I said, that’s often my most productive part of the day.

    2) Set the alarm clock.

    Now your next action step is to set your alarm.  If you want to wake up at 6am, set your alarm at exactly 06:00.  Pretty simple.

    So far, all these steps should be the same as what you have been doing.  What makes this method any different?  Bear with me just a second.

    3) Go to sleep only when you are sleepy.

    This is the part that gets more interesting.  For most of us, the strategy is to “plan ahead” and figure out what time they should go to sleep.

    Say we want to wake up at 6am, and we want eight hours of sleep, we then force ourselves to sleep at exactly 10pm.  Right?


    Don’t force yourself to sleep.  Sleep only when you feel sleepy.  Even if 10pm passes by on the first day.

    Just go to bed when you feel sleepy, but don’t go any time before that.

    4) Wake up the moment your alarm sounds.

    The next morning comes.  Chances are that you sleep pretty late the night before, and you feel pretty tired.  Before you decide to hit that “Snooze” button, GET UP.

    If there is ever a time where you will experience a “Shut up and Just do it” moment.  This is it.  This is key. Stretch your body on the bed for a couple seconds if you need.  But after that, just get up.  The first day probably sucks for you, you feel so tired because of lack of sleep.  But also because you are tired, you will naturally fall asleep earlier the next day.  In several days, your body will tell you when is the best time to sleep. By the time you wake up, you feel energized.


    Why This Method Works.

    This method works because we all have a very useful tool – our human body.

    What is amazing with our human body is that it is a very well-designed feedback system.  What that means is that our body will send signals to ourselves to help us decide what’s best for our own body.

    For example, when you burn yourself, your body will send signals (pain) to your nervous system so that you will quickly move away.

    Or you twist your ankle.  Your ankle will swell to immobilize you, making you harder to walk and hence preventing you from doing further damage to yourself.

    When it comes to sleeping, same thing.  Your body wants you to feel what’s best for your own body.  If you set you want to wake up at 6am, your body will work its magic and figure out the best time to sleep.  The bottom line is: your body will always aim to tell you to sleep (ie. feel sleepy) at a time where by the time you wake up, you are at your best, TOTALLY REFRESHED.

    On one hand, if your schedule varies greatly from day to day, your body will have trouble adjusting it.  On the other, if your schedule is somewhat consistent, it will be much easier for your body to figure out the pattern and make the optimal adjustment (ie. when to become sleepy).


    A couple extra points.

    As I just mentioned, the efficacy of the method depends on the consistency of your schedule. Here are couple tips that you can do to give yourself a better chance of success.

    A) Wake up the same time EVERYDAY (that includes Saturday and Sunday)

    Lots of us like to sleep in on weekends.  The theory behind it is that since you sleep so little during the weekdays, you should catch up your sleep during the weekend.  However, by sleeping in, you just do yourself a disservice because your sleep cycle is now out of sync and needs to be reset again.  If you wake up late on Sunday, you will naturally have trouble sleeping on Sunday night, which leads you having trouble to wake up on Monday morning as you go to work etc. etc.

    You can avoid all these trouble by simply waking up the exact same time on Saturday and Sunday as well.  What to do with those extra time?  Read good articles (you can go through A LOT of articles with these extra hours each week).  Go have an early morning run.  Whatever that makes you happy and/or make you more educated.

    Once you have established your pattern, stick to it, 7 days a week.  Honestly, if waking up early feels so great, why wouldn’t you want to do it on the weekends too?

    P.S. There will be exceptions to this rule.  It is perfectly okay to be flexible to yourself once in a while.  I won’t / cannot wake up at 6am if I went out to party until 7am the previous day 😉  [This has happened before].  Give yourself a one-time mercy for those.  Just make sure you don’t make these a regular sleep-in.

    P.S.2. There is little scientific evidence that you need to catch up your sleep anyway.  Randy Gardner, the record holder for the longest time of having gone without sleep, stayed up for over 11 days.  After accomplishing his feat, he slept the next day and became totally fine afterwards with no side effects.  If he didn’t need 11 days to recover, you shouldn’t need the weekends to recover for your “lack of sleep” either right?

    At the end of the day, if you wake up totally alert everyday, why would you even need to sleep in on the weekends to begin with? :)

    B) Be natural. Let your body self adjust.

    One key point of this method is to let your body do its own magic.  That means we should aim to minimize the external factors that may disrupt our body.

    Some folks mention they don’t sleep that well, but at the same time, they have these habits:

    Drink coffee late at night, or…

    Have sweets late, or…

    Watch horror or violent movies before bedtime…

    I mean, you don’t need rocket science in order to understand why it will be a bad night’s sleep right?

    Be natural.  Stay away from sleeping pills and caffeine before you sleep.  Let your body tell you when to sleep.


    Final Summary

    Here is the summary one more time.

    • Set an alarm and STICK to it, especially first couple days.
    • Skip the sleeping pills and coffee right before you sleep.
    • Go to sleep when and only when you are sleepy.
    • In a week, your body will self adjust and fall into your desired sleeping pattern.
    • Once it becomes your habit, you will feel totally refreshed THE MOMENT you wake up.

    Best of luck trying this out.  This method works!  Drop me a note if you find this method works for you too!

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  1. Dan Ryu says:

    Hi! Nice advice. I found that sleeping when your body feels tired is key to feeling well rested. Sometimes that means 8pm, sometimes that means 12am, at least for me. But I have the alarm set for the same time each day. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this but I might also add – sometimes it’s better to just get up if you wake up before your alarm, provided it’s not too early in the morning. I’ve found that staying in bed that extra 30 minutes waiting for the alarm doesn’t always do me a lot of good.

    I found your site from your liking my post on BP – thanks for that.

    I’ve talked to Joe Fairless a few times, so I’m going to download your interview and find out your secrets ^^

    Look forward to connecting with you in the future!

    • Real Estate Doer says:

      Hi Dan – I agree – I let my body decide. Say if I wake up 30 mins earlier, I get up instead of turning and twisting.

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