The purpose of the website is to help you become a successful real estate investor by providing a REAL real estate education. Investing in Real Estate is a proven way to acquire wealth as well as achieving your abundant lifestyle.

To start off, there are many ways to make money with houses. For example,

  • You can buy a house, fix it, and sell it for a tidy profit.
  • You can enjoy passive income by renting out houses and receiving monthly checks even if you don’t have to work for them.
  • You can even just locate a good buying opportunity and sell that opportunity to a fellow investor.

Moreover, aside from money, you are in control of your work schedule. You will not have to listen to your boss. You are your own boss!

Like yourself, when I started in this business, I am unsure where to start. So I went online to look for the information. I found various internet forums. The problem lies with the quality of the posts in the forums. Once in a while, I picked up some tips from a few good authors, but most of forum posts are either a) filled with skeptical advices, or b) served as self-advertising rather than useful information for the readers. I also see lots of real estate programs that are promoting online. But how would I know those so called ‘advice’ are the real deal?

Over my years in this business, I found that I learn mostly from conversations with professionals such as attorneys, accountants, contractors, investors, and realtors etc. as well as the blunders (we call them “lessons”) that I made. These are valuable materials, but they are never shared to a wider audience simply because no one bothers to.

Is there a way to share these information to a wider crowd? This is the purpose of the website. The website is about delivering useful real estate knowledge to all readers.

Why read this website?

This site is written by an actual real estate investor, the Real Estate Doer. I do real estate. I buy ugly houses, fix them up, cherish the good tenants, deal with bad ones, worry the money to buy houses, and enjoy the cashflow that it brings me….. I go through the ups and downs of real estate. And I would like to share my real-life stories and lessons with you. To share what real estate is really about.

This site is for any individual who intends to expand his or her real estate knowledge, and who is looking for reliable, tested-and-true information. Whether you are a beginner who is looking to dip your toes into the water, or a seasoned professional who is looking for more tips and tricks in this business, you have come to the right place.

Real estate, if done right, is a great place to build and preserve wealth.

In this website, you will find many articles that touch upon various aspects of real estate investing:

  • Finding deals
  • Deal evaluation
  • Accounting / Financing
  • Landlording advices
  • and many more tips and tricks…

Are the education materials relevant in my AREA and TIME?

You may wonder, and rightfully so, if the experiences that I share will be relevant to your market or your time. You may think:

  • Doesn’t each market have its different price points?
  • Isn’t it in different markets, you have different factors affecting a house’s worth?
  • Wouldn’t the market in 2015 be different from what you will be facing in, say, Year 2065?

Real estate is indeed a very local game. What works in New York does not mean it is equally applicable in Texas. But if you take a step back, you will often find the solution of solving real estate investing questions very similar no matter where you go.

Let’s use our second question above as an example. Let’s say we want to figure out what factors drive the house’s worth in your investment area. Since I know Jersey City inside-out, I can pinpoint what factors matter (e.g. bedroom count, parking spaces) and what factors don’t matter as much (e.g. large backyard with swimming pool). If I simply state these facts to you, it won’t do you any good unless you live in Jersey City as well.

On the other hand, what if I show you my approach to this question? My approach is to ask an experienced local realtor for his/her opinion, and then I use house sales data from the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) database to verify the realtor’s comments. This works in Jersey City as well as other cities. In fact, I am using this exact methodology right now as I am currently exploring a new town. Would you agree the approach to the question is more applicable to you, even if you don’t invest in the same place as I do?

The aim of this website’s is to show you the real estate concepts, along with the workable action points. I will still use location-specific (mostly Jersey City) examples, but the underlying concept is all the same.

Many real estate concepts that I share are timeless as well, like methods to identify the right market to jump into, ways to find good deals, marketing for house buying opportunities, and steps to manage your house portfolio etc. In fact, a lot of such concepts can be found in other industries as well. (FYI: A lot of things that I currently do are concepts that I shamelessly steal from finance and technology, two industries which I have extensive experience in.

Bottom line is: Real estate business exists everywhere and has existed for a long time, and good education material will survive the test of place and time.

How to start?

To begin, bookmark this page as there is a vast (and ever growing) amount of knowledge that are being shared on this website. You don’t have to finish all the readings in one sitting. Take your time to read and digest. 30 minutes to an hour a day will do.

Check out the “Top Posts” section for the most popular articles that our readers find. Or if you are unsure which article to start, I recommend this article. Why Do You Want to Own Cashflow Properties.

If you want the entire list of articles, The Archive is here.

Finally, sign up for our newsletter. From time to time, I will send out free tips and other noteworthy ideas that I think it’s good for you to know.

Learn more and Do more deals! Hope you have a successful real estate investing journey!

Real Estate Doer

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